• What's airless paint sprayer?

    An airless sprayer is a pump that transfers paint under high pressure (usually around 3000 psi) via a high pressure paint hose (usually about 15m long) to a airless spray gun. When the trigger is pulled on the airless spray gun, fluid is released through a small orifice spray tip or nozzle which breaks up fluid into small droplets (atomization) without the use of compressed air. The tip also creates the fan pattern of the atomized spray depending on the size of the tip selected.

  • Who is DP airless?

    Dino-power is professional manufacturer and supplier for high pressure airless paint sprayers , electric / gas / hydraulic / pneumatic powered airless sprayers , air-operated double diaphragm pump etc. which are suitable for all kinds of big area painting jobs such as wall, roofing, floor, house, building and construction, metal structure fabrication, shipyard & decks, factory, residential, commercial, interiors and exteriors decoration, fire proof, putty spray, anticorrosive project etc. Spraying with all kinds of materials like primers, basecoats topcoats, lacquer, latex, paints, emulsions, enamels, high solid epoxy, polyurethane, emulsion coating, etc bothoil-based & water-based coatings in low, medium to high viscosity. Currently we're selling to countries all over the world, over 60% are for American & European countries. all our sprayers have 1 year warranty, and the pro series got 2 years warranty. all our paint sprayers are 100% tested before ship out. we'll always ensure the best quality & best performance for our equipments. Contact us now if your want to be our representative or distributor in your country. we'll support you with competitive price, professional service, and fast delivery.

  • Do I need to thin paint for airless sprayer?

    If you take the small portable DIY sprayer,or handheld coat sprayer, then we recommend you to thin the paint with 10-15% water. but if you take a professional pump with over 2L/min capacity, normally it's not necessary to add water to dilute it. For some industrial coating, like 100% high solid paint (for example epoxy, waterproofing coating...), you need a very high pressure pneumatic airless pump sprayer to spray it, otherwise you need to thin it with solvent.

  • piston pump vs diaphragm pump

    The piston pump sprayer has low frequency recyling piston moving, that means it could suck the heavy material without thinning, but the spraying pressure may drop down when the piston rod is moving up or down suddenly. The diaphragm pump insteadly has high speed piston which moves hydraulic fluid to move the diaphragm, higher frequency but lower stroke, which will generate very stable pressure, but less suction. So it's not recommended to spray the heavy material with a diaphragm pump

  • Is airless paint sprayer better?

    yes, Airless paint sprayer has lot of advantage, such as high efficiency (it can spray 300-1500 sq.meters per hour), save your time, save your paint, less overspray, equal finish, Can spray high viscosity paints, and also save thinner cost.... The airless paint spraying is 10 times faster than hand brushing, 5 times than paint roller, 2 times to conventional air paint sprayer. but airless has much less overspray, less bounce back of the paint on the spraying surface. so the airless spray equipment is ideal for large area painting job like a house, roofing, wall, floor, steel structure, waterproofing or fireproofing etc

  • Selecting the Correct Airless Paint Sprayer For the Job?

    One of the first decisions that you need to make when choosing an air less paint sprayer has to do with the size job that you are going to be doing. If you’re just going to be doing smaller jobs around the house, you can generally pick up a small paint sprayer like our X6, this model can certainly handle small to medium-size painting jobs around the home. For larger jobs, you may want to have a heavier duty unit . You can purchase a larger pump with minimum 2L/min output capacity, depending on your needs and budget. The large pump covers electric sprayer from 2L to 7L per minute, and hydraulic pump from 6L to 13L, Gas powered sprayer from 4L to 8L..... Generally speaking, when you chose the right airless sprayer for your job, please consider the below 4 main points: 1. What materials will you be spraying? The type of material being sprayed will determine the spray tip size needed. you can take reference from the tip size selection guide and check the right spray tip for right material. 2. How many gallons per week will you spray? or how many square meters you would spray? Different size paint spraying job need different capacity sprayer equipments. 3. What types of surfaces will you be spraying? Different surfaces require different material and finish quality. You have to consider the material and desired finish in order to choose the right sprayer and spray tip. 4. How much do you want to spend for this painting machine?

  • Select the right spray tip size for your paint sprayer

    Normally use a small tip sizes (such as 0.009in, 0.011in, 0.013in) for thin / low viscosity materials such as stains & lacquers, medium tip size (such as 0.015″, 0.017″, 0.019″) for acrylic latex / enamel / emulsion / primer etc., then for heavier viscosity coatings use large orifice sizes (such as 0.021″, 0.023″, 0.025″, 0.027″ etc). The bigger spray tip size you use, the more paint comes out, which means faster you finish your job There will be some very heavy material such as putty, drywall mud, plaster, bitumen, fireproofing etc. you will need bigger airless spray gun tip nozzle from 0.031″ to 0.065". Correspondly you need large airless paint sprayer equipment from 4L/min such as X41L X51L X81L to 20L per minute volume such as DP9800E DP-GH6833 hydraulic airless spray equipment. It's recommended to use small pump machine for small nozzle size, and big sprayer machine for big nozzle size.