DP-X980C High Efficiency Diaphragm Pump, Airless paint machine

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DP-X980C Electric Diaphragm Pump is an electric and efficient airless spraying equipment, which is suitable for the workshop and outdoor scenes such as construction sites. DP-X980C Diaphragm Pump machine is a kind of airless spraying machine which is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized engineering work indoors and outdoors. DP-X980C Diaphragm Pump is suitable for various routine operations, including but not limited to doors, door frames, fences, different furniture, fences, and metal components.

DP-X980C Diaphragm Pump can be sprayed with a variety of coatings: latex paint, waterborne paint, two-component paint, solvent containing paint and paint, etc.


DP-X980C Diaphragm Pump can handle coatings with a viscosity up to 20,000 mPas. If you find that pressure drops significantly when using high viscosity coatings, please follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for dilution. Please note that bubbles should not be mixed into the paint when diluting. Bubbles will interfere with the spraying work and may even lead to work interruption in serious cases.

Specifications Documents

Item No. DP-X980C
Pressure controlling Mechanical
Motor power 2500W Induction motor
Flow rate 4.5L/min
Max. tip size 0.031″
Max.Working pressure 220bar/3190psi
Net/Gross weight 30/31.5kg
Means 52*34*43cm


no. product describe
1 Pump Repair Kits DP-X9RK
2 High quality Valves DP-X9V
3 High Pressure hose and Connector DP-637H05 DP-637C 
4 Extension Pole

DP-637LT15 15cm   DP-637LT30 30cm 

DP-637LT50 50cm   DP-637LT75 75cm

5 Lubricating oil DP-637L0
6 Filters&Strainers

DP-637F60 60-mesh Gun Filter

DP-637F100100-mesh Gun Filter*


7 Airless Spray Tip DP-637XT517*
8 X Tip Guard DP-637SX*
9 Tip Gasket DP-637G*