X32 Pro Electric Powered Airless Paint Sprayer 3.2L


X32 are electric powered airless paint sprayers for professional contractors, Mid-size professional machine with hand-carry design. Designed for interior and exterior buildings wall painting. it’s ...

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    • Endurance Piston Pump

      Long lifetime piston rod and v-packings. we use Germany UHPE + American leather v-packing so as to ensure the longest lifetime.  The hardened stainless steel piston rod with very fine grinding



      Small Compact Pump

      Chrome over steel construction withstands jobsite abuse.



      Max. Power Motor

      High quality 2600W and 2800W Brushless motor which is totally enclosed to protect internal components for prolonged motor life, and one year warranty.

      Durable and reliable, no carbon brush and o spark during the spraying.



      Easy Out Manifold Filter

      The pump filter from the inside out so it won’t collapse or get stuck when removed.

      The filter comes out with the cap for less mess to help ease cleaning.




      The digital pressure control and display for easy adjusting the pressure.

      Machine equipped with X450 250bar high quality and high quality airless spray gun with 517 spray tip.



      Warranty: 2-year limited warranty for main components


    Specifications Documents

    Model Number X32 X40
    Machine Power Electric-powered
    Motor power 2600W 2800W
    Motor type Brushless motor
    Pressure controlling Mechanical
    Flow rate 3.2L/min 4.0L/min
    Max. tip size  0.031" 0.035"
    Max. hose length 90M
    Max.pressure 227bar/3300psi
    Spraying pressure 210bar/3045psi
    Net weight 18KGS
    Gross weight 22.5KGS
    Package Carton box
    Measurement 50x42x58cm
    Container load quantity 176sets
    Worn parts piston rod and v-packings
    Warranty ne year for main components

    Sales Literature

    What's Included

    no. describe quantity
    1 X-450Airless Spray Gun 1
    2 517# Airless tip 1
    3  1/4X15M High pressure hose 1
    4 2*20V 5.0Ah Battery  Charger 1
    5 220V to 38V adapter 1
    6 45cm extension pole 1
    7 Lubricating oil 1
    8 0-rings*2(For suction hose) 1


    The HC6-24 material hopper is optional


    no. product describe
    1 Pump Repair Kits DP-X9RK
    2 High quality Valves DP-X9V
    3 High Pressure hose and Connector DP-637H05 DP-637C 
    4 Extension Pole

    DP-637LT15 15cm   DP-637LT30 30cm 

    DP-637LT50 50cm   DP-637LT75 75cm

    5 Lubricating oil DP-637L0
    6 Filters&Strainers

    DP-637F60 60-mesh Gun Filter

    DP-637F100100-mesh Gun Filter*


    7 Airless Spray Tip DP-637XT517*
    8 X Tip Guard DP-637SX*
    9 Tip Gasket DP-637G*