X81 Professional Contractor Electric Airless Sprayer


X81 with a 4500W powerful brushless DC motor and big output delivery of 8.0L/min. It’s a good choice for professional contractors for all construction projects and painting jobs.

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  • 1.Smart control with LED display.


  • 2.The most reliable pump, durable piston rod, and bushing ensure a long lifetime.


  • 3.Heavy-duty DP-6376G 500bar airless spray gun with a gun filter inside.


  • 4.4.5KW Brushless motor, maintenance free and long lifetime.


  • 5.Stainless steel fluid pump could be used for both oil-based and water-based paint spraying.


  • 6.Easy out pump filter with an inside-out design means less mess and clogging.


  • 7.Support max 0.045″ wide range of tip sizes.

Specifications Documents

Model Number X81
Machine Power 4500W
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Pressure controlling Electronic
Flow rate 8.0L/min
Max. tip size 0.045"
Max. hose length 100m
Max.pressure 200bar/2900psi
Spraying pressure 130-180bar
Net weight 54kgs
Gross weight 68kgs
Package Carton box with pallet
Measurement 68*66*89
Container load quantity 63sets
Worn parts Piston rod+V-packing
Warranty 2 Years Warranty

Sales Literature

What's Included

no. describe quantity
1 X-450Airless Spray Gun 1
2 517# Airless tip 1
3  1/4X15M High pressure hose 1
4 45cm extension pole 1
5 Lubricating oil 1
6 17-19&19-22 Double open end wrench 1
7  Cross screwdriver 1
8 Monkey wrench(0-30mm&6-68mm) 1
9 3/8""(F)x3/8""(M) Swivel Connector 1


The HC6-24 material hopper is optional






no. product describe
1 Pump Repair Kits DP-X9RK
2 High quality Valves DP-X9V
3 High Pressure hose and Connector DP-637H05 DP-637C 
4 Extension Pole

DP-637LT15 15cm   DP-637LT30 30cm 

DP-637LT50 50cm   DP-637LT75 75cm

5 Lubricating oil DP-637L0
6 Filters&Strainers

DP-637F60 60-mesh Gun Filter

DP-637F100100-mesh Gun Filter*


7 Airless Spray Tip DP-637XT517*
8 X Tip Guard DP-637SX*
9 Tip Gasket DP-637G*