X9 DIY Airless Paint Sprayer


The X9 is a spray tool which has a compact size, professional finish, easy to step on, use and clean. It is perfect for small-to-midsize household project such as interior walls and ceilings… Can s...

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    • ON/OFF switch pressure control: can be adjusted from slow to fast so as to ensure the stablized spraying pressure for different spray gun nozzle size, no matter you use 0.013″ for trim / fence / window, or 0.015″ for door, wall, or use 0.017″ for wall indoor or 0.019″ for outdoor coating / roofing coating etc. You will always get a stable pressure without pulsation when spraying.


      Lubrication hole: protect piston rod and packings for extending the lifetime of the pump components. Just lubricate the machine once per day, it will save the oil and keep lubricating for one whole day working.


    • The suction valve / outlet valve are all made of stainless steel material.


      Both suction ball valve & pressure outlet ball valve are made of high quality TUNGSTEN CARBIDE.


      Compact stand with cable winder, strong feet could be resistant to rough transportation / drop shopping.


    • External fuse for easy maintenance


      Running indicator light for troubleshooting, easy identification when you have a trouble during the spraying job.


      20FT container load quantity: 525sets

      40FT container load quantity: 1040sets

      Compat size could save a lot for the transportation cost and postage fee.


      This spray tool use more powerful universal motor than standard X6 piston pump airless sprayer.


      Bigger size piston rod than standard X6 airless sprayer

      European UHPE gasket for prolong the lifetime and get your painting job in best finish and durable quality.


      OEM / ODM order is welcome.

    Specifications Documents

    Model Number DP-X9
    Machine Power Electric Powered
    Motor power 700W
    Motor type Universal Motor
    Pressure controlling ON/OFF Switch
    Flow rate 1.5LPM
    Max. tip size 0.019''
    Max. hose length 15m
    Max.pressure 3000psi
    Spraying pressure 1740psi
    Package Carton box
    Worn parts piston rod, o-rings, gaskets
    Warranty 1-year Limited Warranty(for main components)

    What's Included

    no. describe quantity
    1 Airless Hose —1/4‘’15m 1
    2 Airless Paint Gun —X450 1



    no. product describe
    1 Pump Repair Kits DP-X9RK
    2 High quality Valves DP-X9V
    3 High Pressure hose and Connector DP-637H05 DP-637C 
    4 Extension Pole

    DP-637LT15 15cm   DP-637LT30 30cm 

    DP-637LT50 50cm   DP-637LT75 75cm

    5 Lubricating oil DP-637L0
    6 Filters&Strainers

    DP-637F60 60-mesh Gun Filter

    DP-637F100100-mesh Gun Filter*


    7 Airless Spray Tip DP-637XT517*
    8 X Tip Guard DP-637SX*
    9 Tip Gasket DP-637G*